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Stand Out

Krishna being punished

Krishna being punished

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One day, finding young Krishna stealing butter from the kitchen, Yashoda quietly crept up from behind and tried to catch him. 
Krishna darted away. Yashoda got a long rope to tie him to a tree and chased after him only to realize that it was impossible for her to catch the quick footed child. After tiring his mother Krishna got caught and Yashoda tie him up. But Yashoda realised that the rope was too small. Getting for some more rope she tied him to the mortar.
Soon there was a loud noise. Everyone rushed out to see that Krishna had dragged the heavy mortar, and when he got stuck between two trees he had pulled so hard that they had fallen down these trees were the crushed sons of Kuber, the god of wealth. By making them fall Krishna freed them from the curse.

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